Turn Your Steam and Waste Heat into Savings:
Simple, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective

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Wankel Energy Systems

Wankel Energy Systems (WES) is dedicated to revolutionising the energy industry towards a sustainable future. With a deep commitment to tackling energy inefficiency and reducing carbon emissions, WES is a catalyst for environmental change. By harnessing deep-tech innovation and precision engineering, the company develops leading-edge expanders and compressors. These products are more than just technology; they embody WES's vision of intelligent, responsible energy use, offering industries worldwide the means to significantly reduce energy costs and carbon footprint while achieving operational efficiency.

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Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Environmental Sustainability
Cost Savings
Innovative Technology
Customized Solutions
Ease of Integration / Plug & Play
Operational Excellence
Long-Term Partnership
Compliance and Safety
Competitive Edge
Reduction in Carbon emissions


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Turn Your Steam and Waste Heat into Savings: Simple, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective

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